Mar 30, 2021 • 1HR 5M

S1E7 Dr. James Muecke AM, Australian of the Year 2020 wants to put diabetes in remission

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Jasmine H. Low
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Eye surgeon and Australian of the Year 2020 Dr. James Muecke AM speaks to us about his proposed change to Australia’s dietary guidelines, why he's championing for a sugar tax and his work in raising awareness about diabetes - a lifestyle disease that could lead to the loss of sight. Dr. Muecke is from Adelaide. He began his career in Kenya, then returned to South Australia to become an eye surgeon and blindness prevention pioneer, starting both Vision Myanmar at the South Australian Institute of Ophthalmology in 2000, and Sight For All, an organisation which uses Australian and New Zealand eye specialists to train overseas doctors, a social impact organisation "aiming to create a world where everyone can see". — We also meet Dr YokeLi Ling (at timestamp 49:25), a dentist based in Kuala Lumpur who is passionately advocating Sleep and Airway Centric Dentistry and Oral Myofunctional Therapy. Dr. Ling will share more in the following episode of the podcast with co-hosts Nikki Yeo and Jasmine Low.  

— Our tradition continues (at timestamp 58:00) where we introduce music from this region and we've chosen a song titled SUPERMAN by Tasmania-based Mia Palencia who launched her career in Malaysia at the age of 14 as the other half of Sabah jazz duo Double Take. Mia composed, produced and performed the opening night theme song for the Southeast Asian Games 2017, and continues her PhD research in Songwriting at the Conservatorium of Music, University of Tasmania and released her 7th album with her Australian jazz quartet, In Good Company. Visit

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