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Sally Sukkar, Fitness Trainer, Body Builder Competitor & Founder of the ME Movement

Sally Sukkar, Fitness Trainer, Body Builder Competitor & Founder of the ME Movement

Everyday heroes | Fit for Good | Sydney, Australia

Welcome to Move8 Fit for Good, a talk show presented by AFT Podcasts. Co-hosts Nikki Yeo & Jasmine Low meet health advocate Sally Sukkar from the Me-Movement. Sally helps people look and feel great in movement, mindset and health and who does she have as testament to her work? Her 80 plus year old mum, Yasmeen! Watch the duo go on Instagram @me.movement.

Here's a list of Sally's credentials:

✔ Bachelor Of Exercise and Sport Science (Majoring in health promotion)
✔ Sports Nutrition Certificate
✔ 4x bodybuilding competitor
✔ Kettlebell, TRX, SPIN, Powerlifting, Olympic lifting qualifications (psst just to name a few)
✔ Rolling out a foundations of movement course
✔ Sally also loves her food and family
✔ Sally sings! No really, she does! Listen until the end of the podcast.

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Total Duration: 37:32

00:32 Introduction to Sally Sukkar

01:50 Sally’s virtual training “Dream Team” and the “why”

03:20 Bad or good habits and self-talk

04:11 Improving lifestyle

05:39 Small steps to fitness start with drinking water

07:15 Growing up & mum Yasmeen’s amazing meals

10:27 Understanding your body’s physical baseline

11:35 Useful apps I recommend to my clients

15:00 Why I started bodybuilding

18:30 Sally’s go-to foods

19:25 The psychology of sustainability vs. resistance

21:50 Encouraging clients to walk

23:20 How is fat lost?

24:00 Workout recommendation

26:20 Can you coach a couch potato into an elite athlete?

28:00 How I achieved my bodybuilding goal

31:00 Trying Olympic lifting

31:37 International Women’s Day message from Sally

32:30 Advise for upcoming female bodybuilders

33:19 How long should someone have a coach for?

35:50 Coach Sally sings!

Thank you for listening.

Proudly presented by AFT Podcasts, Move8 Fit for Good features Everyday Heroes from the Asia Pacific region. Bring it on… bring Move8 to your workplace!

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The Kurang Manis (Sugar,Less) Newsletter
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