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The Move8 Wellness Method

The Move8 Wellness Method

An open-sourced methodology towards wellness

Introducing the Move8 Fitness Movement, created by two ordinary women who seek to make a change. Learning first hand from their own experiences caring for elders, witnessing close friends falling ill from lifestyle diseases and getting unwell themselves, Jasmine Low and Nikki Yeo created the 8-step wellness method as an open source concept that can be shared widely across communities and workplaces.

Move8 advocates wellness education with actionable programs, making fitness accessible to all layers of society, and we’re onboarding pioneer partners and brands to offer exclusive premium experiences.

Learn more about the eight step method here: The Move8 program can easily be replicated by associations, non-profit organisations and their communities and governments who wish to encourage the spirit of giving by inducting and training volunteers to be Fit for Good. Get fit while doing good. is a profit-for-purpose social enterprise platform created and incubated by media group Profits derived from the Move8 platform are circularly fund programmes by where we bring free movement sessions to less-abled communities like persons with disabilities or seniors in care facilities.

Start your fitness journey at

Duration: 09:56

00:00 Move8 Trailer

00:40 Why Move8?

02:36 Welcome to the Move8 Method

02:52 Move8 Pillar 1: Find your 8

03:41 Move8 Pillar 2: Listen by Heart

04:53 Move8 Pillar 3: Movement as Therapy

05:52 Move8 Pillar 4: Food is Life

07:08 Move8 Pillar 5: Rhythm & Beats

08:01 Move8 Pillar 6: Sleep Science

08:30 Move8 Pillar 7: Growth is Constant

09:00 Move8 Pillar 8: Mindset Shift

The Kurang Manis (Sugar,Less) Newsletter
AFT Podcasts
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